About Me

Hey everyone!!

I’m Shannon McKinstry! I’m from Alabama. A few things about me… I love traveling, I’m a lover of sunsets, my favorite flower is a Sunflower, I am a follower of Christ, giving Him all the glory! Lately, my favorite quote has been, “Creativity is taking complicated things and making them possible.” Accomplishing this for you, is my hope and dream! 

I market myself as a natural creative. I LOVE all things creative. My many interests include graphic design, photography, interior design, web design, branding/marketing, calligraphy, social media, and so much more!

My slogan is “Cultivate Creativity.” I want in inspire the creativity of others and make the creative process as easy as possible. These opportunities would be nothing without YOU! 

Click the button below to contact me about any inquiries you may have. Can’t wait to chat!